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Schaumburg Mold Removal Services

Mold remediation is a serious matter that can become much worse if not taken seriously. If there’s any suspicion of mold growth in your home, contact (847) 842-2525 for a free estimate on mold remediation. If mold is left untreated, it can become a serious issue very quickly. It causes major health risks and it can cause major structural damage to your home or other property by warping walls, floors, ceilings, and the foundation. Sometimes you can see mold, but sometimes you can’t because it hides behind walls and underneath floors. Some signs you may have a mold problem include cold type symptoms that won’t go away – itchy eyes and throat, coughing, skin rashes, nausea, and vomiting. These are just a few indicators that mold may be present. Abate Restoration’s mold remediation crews will not only remove the mold damage from your home – they will also make necessary repairs to your home to keep it from coming back. 60159, 60168, 60173, 60179, 60193, 60194, 60195, 60196 mold remediation also includes mold inspections to ensure mold doesn’t move to another area of your home. Contact Abate Restoration today to discuss your mold remediation needs.


The Schaumburg Mold Removal Process

The Schaumburg mold remediation process can take a few days or so depending on where the mold is located and how much mold there is. Because mold spores are microscopic, mold cleanup needs to be meticulous. Mold is delicate and easily disturbed so the area containing mold damage must first be isolated. Abate Restoration uses heavy plastic to cover windows, air vents, and doorways. This helps keep mold spores from leaving the area when mold removal is taking place. Abate Restoration also uses special mold cleaning solutions and air machines to remove mold from the affected area. Mold damage can be caused by a variety of issues – leaky pipes, leaky roof, ventilation problems are just a few of those issues. Our mold remediation teams will pinpoint these issues so they can be taken care of as well. Reoccurring mold damage can do major structural damage to your home. Items that are heavily damaged by mold are removed from the home and disposed of safely. Abate Restoration will conduct air tests (mold inspections) to make sure the mold cleanup was successful when mold remediation is complete. Call the professionals at Abate Restoration at (847) 842-2525 for more information today.

Choosing A Schaumburg Mold Removal Company

At Abate Restoration we are available day and night for all of your mold remediation issues…big or small! Our Schaumburg mold remediation services include the following: a complete mold inspection of the affected home, air purification, mold removal and any repairs caused by mold damage. We will also determine the source of the mold damage so we can fix it, clean it up, and prevent it from happening again. Our courteous staff has seen it all and is sensitive to these issues. We treat all of our clients with the respect they deserve because we know mold issues can happen before your eyes and without your knowledge. Abate Restoration’s mold remediation representatives will also return to make sure mold growth has ceased after restoration. All of our equipment is top-of-the-line. We guaranteed to make your home mold-free. And - all estimates are free! Call us today at (847) 842-2525 for your free estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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